5 top restaurants in Quebec, Canada

Quebec is a city of many fine restaurants. You can take a leisurely stroll around the city in order to savor some of these establishments whenever you are around. However, there are five which stand out for their excellence. Their uniqueness lies in the appeal and the reputations they have. Knowing them comes in handy when you do not have time to explore all the restaurants. You can be sure of getting quality service whenever you visit any of these establishments.

Le Paris-Brest

This restaurant has some of the best wait staff in the city. They are young and attentive to the patrons. It has a beautiful ambiance brought about by the rich mahogany-paneled walls. It serves a French cuisine and has a walk-in wine storage.

VooDoo Grill

This establishment serves an African cuisine that is complemented by the African themed ambiance. While enjoying your meal, you will be entertained by conga beats in the background. For a truly amazing experience, you can consider having the chef’s mixed grille.

Aux AnciensCanadiens

If you are looking for a historic dining experience, this is the restaurant to visit. It is located in a building that was built in 1677. It serves a traditional Quebec cuisine comprising of various meat pies and duck.


This restaurant, headed by Chef Louis Pacquelin from Paris, is one of the most hip restaurants in the city. It serves a local cuisine that has an innovative twist. It also has an exceptional wine cellar, but the one dish you must have at the restaurant is suckling pig and lobster.

Le Patriache

This is another historical establishment located in a building dating back to 1827. It is owned by a highly decorated chef in the name of Stephane Roth. It has a cozy ambiance just a little distance from St. John’s Gate.

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