4 Things You Probably Never Knew About Canada That Will Make You Want To Visit Right Away!

When planning vacations and get-aways people typically begin to think of tropical destinations, theme parks, and beaches. However, there is a lot to be said for visiting America’s northern neighbor, Canada. With some of these fairly well kept secrets about Canada revealed you might want to start packing your bags right away.

1. Canada is home to a park that is responsible for supplying more dinosaur skeletons to museums than just about any other single dig site.

One of Canada’s most unique national parks is Dinosaur Provincial Park in Alberta. The region was formerly a low-lying coastal region in which 35+ species of dinosaurs flourished. Due to the habitat’s qualities and the tectonic shifts that occurred, this region happened to preserve and fossilize the skeletons of these massive creatures better and in larger quantities than most other regions of the world.

2. Every year Canada holds the world’s largest fireworks competition.

If you’re looking for a way to kick your trip off with a bang, check out the Honda Celebration of Light in Vancouver. The festival features spectacular fireworks displays and still to this day remains the biggest fireworks competition in the world. The displays are 25 minutes long each night of the festival, and the whole event is free!

3. Canada is home to the world’s largest underground shopping complex.

There are many unique qualities to the cities in Canada, and one of Toronto’s is that it is home to PATH, a massive underground network of interconnected shopping arcades and stores. Spanning 30 kilometers (19 miles) and containing over 371,000 square meters (4 million square feet) of retail space, it is really more of a small underground city in and of itself.

4. Some parts of Canada contain less gravity than the rest of the planet.

Although scientists are still unsure as to why this happens, the Hudson Bay area of Canada is a location in which you might think you feel a little lighter than normal. That’s because the region is “missing” some of its gravity. It’s a strange natural phenomenon that continues to cause debate amongst some of the world’s brightest minds.

With so many amazing attractions and something for everyone to enjoy, Canada is certainly a country worth visiting on your next holiday.

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